Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mizuno Mount Faber Run 2010

After skipping this run 2 years in a row, I have decided to take part this year. I have not been doing any serious running after Marathon Hamburg last April, I didn't set any target but just thinking of pushing myself all the way. I did 56 mins in year 2007. The route hasn't changed, so I think I should have a good shot of improving my time.

I reached the race site quite early and somehow I bumped into a guy that go to the same gym as I do. We chatted a little and then we were flagged off at 0730 sharp. To avoid the huge crowd, I push myself ahead at an incredible pace, in fact I think I cover 2.5km in 10 mins. I finally slowed down after I secure myself from the crowd and was trying to preserve some energy for the incoming hill since I knew it will be a continuous 2km climb to Mount Faber. Finally I reached the bottom of the hill, most of the runners in front of me were already slowing down but I maintain my pace all the way for 2km. It wasn't easy but I managed to do it, overtaking quite a number of runners. However, after the long ascent, there comes the long descent as well. That was also the time when I was overtaken by many runners as they started switching to free gear mode. Me, on the other hand, was trying not to do that as I afraid it may "crush" my knees later on.

The descent part was easy for most of us, but I started to feel tired already. There were still some small slopes after we came down from Mount Faber but I'm surprised I can still take it despite the fatigue. All is well until I was stopped by the traffic marshall at the junction. He has decided to let the vehicles go first as I as cursing and swearing in four letter word. It kinda break my momentum and half a minute gone for the waiting time. When we were finally allowed to cross the road, my legs felt heavy, my pace was a bit slow and again, I was overtaken by many runners who managed to catch up due to the traffic interruption. Well, I tried not to stop as there's only 2km to go. I looked at my watch and I can still make it. I tried my best to finish within 50 minutes and finally I crossed the finishing line in 49mins 4secs. It was way better than my first one. Despite some time wasted at the junction, I must admit that I'm very happy with my time and I just found out that I ranked 66th among all the runners in men's open.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Marathon Hamburg 2010

Well, I'm lucky that I get to fly to Germany again this year for business. I was there same time last year and did Zurich Marathon in one of my weekends there. This time, I ran Marathon Hamburg. As usual, I've not been training much for all my marathons and this time around I did not run at all after SCSM last December, except for some short runs on the treadmills. And the best thing is I had a cold 2 days after I arrived Germany and after that I was coughing non stop (even now!) Therefore, I had doubts if I should do the marathon or just waste the money.

Friday, 23rd April 2010
Well, after my training on Friday afternoon, I quickly took a cab to the Mannheim Main Train Station and hopped on a train to Hamburg about 5.15pm. Well, it was rush hour and it was Friday, somehow the train was full of people returning to their hometown or something. I just couldn't get a seat as most of them were taken or reserved. So, I had no choice but to stand and sit near the train exit door for the first 2 hours. Well, the journey took almost 5 hours and when I reached Hamburg, it was already dark but the train station still so crowded! I took the subway to Reeperbahn, and I had a shock of my life. Reeperbahn is also known as the red light district in Germany.

Well, my hotel that I have booked is located in that town and not because I did it on purpose but it was because it is very near to the race venue. Well, back to the time I have reached Reeperbahn, even though it was past 10pm, the street was crowded with men and women..most of them are clubs and discos and porn stores. After about 20 mins of searching I finally found my hotel. Well it was a very normal hotel, more like a hotel for people to make out and I was kinda regret staying there especially for the amount of money I paid, I can easily settle in a better hotel near the train station. I didn't had a good sleep as my hotel was next to the main street, the noises of people talking and laughing were continuously heard until 6am in the morning, not to mention the noisy police car siren every 10 minutes or so.

Saturday, 24th April 2010
Well, I was up early, thanks to all the noises. I went down to the hotel to enquire for the late checkout but they refused to let me check out late for free. So I have to pay another half of the room rate if I wanna do a late checkout. The breakfast offered was very simple. I took a quick bite and headed off to the main station to catch the shuttle bus to the Marathon Expo. Well, the shuttle bus was easy to find, I got in and was transported to the Marathon Expo. Well, the Marathon Expo was located at a very old, deserted warehouse. I went in and got my racepack around 9am, walked around the huge expo and made my way back to the main station. Hang around the Hamburg city area for the whole day before call it a day and went back to hotel and rest. Had my earplug on this time and was sleeping well throughout the night.

Sunday, 25th April 2010
I was up early and I have decided to checkout early. I have worked out a plan to store my luggage at the paid storage area in the train station and took a subway to the marathon site.It was very cold and chilly that morning even though it was sunny. I had to walk around to warm up and everyone was looking at me one kind. Maybe I dressed funny for the run or they are not used to see a young Asian guy alone in Germany marathons. Well the race started sharp at 9am. It was a crowded and packed race. But what I like about racing in Europe are there are no stampede during the start. The runners there are well behaved and then they all run pretty fast, I have no hard time dodging super slow runners like what I had to do in every race in Asia. The route is nice, and the supporters were everywhere!

I was doing sub 4 hr pace for the first 25km and had to slow down when I started to feel my leg muscles cramping up. Well, I had no choice but to jog and walk slowly. It was kinda embarrassing when the crowd kept shouting your name not to walk but run. But that's the shame I had to swallow since I didn't train for the marathon at all. Finally I managed to complete the whole marathon journey in 4hrs 25mins. Again, it was a painful experience but I think overall this marathon is one of the best organized race I've run so far. However, due to some considerations, I have decided that Marathon Hamburg is my last and final marathon until further notice. I think it would be useless to run another marathon since I can never have enough time to prepare for the 42.195km run, ended up suffering in all my marathon races. Until then, I will concentrate more on shorter distances such as 10km and half marathons.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Another Year Has Passed....

I have not been updating my blog for quite awhile now. Have not been running much and was too lazy to do lengthy writings. Hah!

As usual, another year has passed and it's time for me to review my 2009's resolution. let's see what I have targeted in year 2009:

1) Do more swimming stuff instead.
- Well I did hell lot of swims this year. Completed my 30 laps target quite a number of times already. I'm swimming more regularly now.

2) Obtain 10 more medals again in year 2009.
- Well I managed to collect 11 finisher medals and 1 volunteer medal. I could collect more, but had to skip quite a few of medal assurred races due to work and injury.

3) Build bigger arms and chest as well as stronger legs.
- Mission failed! Upper body size been getting smaller but my tummy's getting hell lot bigger. Sigh..

4) Run a marathon oversea.
- Well, it's a lucky year for me. Managed to steal time to run a marathon in Zurich while was on a business trip in Germany. Yay!

5) Try to reduce my weight to 65kg.
- Mission failed! Well, I weigh 70kg now!

6) Run a sub 4 hours marathon
- Mission failed! Zero training for both my marathons. So my mission went down to drain too!

7) Stay healthy and injury free!
- Had tonnes of injuries this year. Not a good year at all!

Here's more to conclude the year of 2009:
1) Have completed one 6k race, zero 10k (unbelievable), three 15k races, three half marathons and two marathons, one 25k trail run (team event) and one vertical marathon.
2) Obtained 12 medals, 11 in competitive races and 1 in friendship relay run as volunteer.
3) Travelled to 5 different countries in 2 months time (BKK-Thailand, Shanghai-China, Christchurch-New Zealand, Mannheim-Germany and Zurich-Switzerland), all travelled within March and April 2009.
4) Got activated to work in almost every weekends in 2009.
5) Bought myself a GPS watch (under utilized)
6) Queue for 7 HOURS for an iPhone!
7) Ran a marathon in Zurich and a half marathon in Perth.

And my resolutions for year 2010 are:

1) Obtain 10 more medals this year.
2) Will try to do one more overseas marathon
3) Will dedicate more time for running and swimming
4) Reduce my weight from current 70++ kg to 67kg!
5) Gym more to have a fitter body. (yeah, I'm vain)
6) Run a sub 4 hours marathon.
7) An injury free year!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Zurich Marathon 2009

Ok. I have decided to run this race simply because my business trip to Germany is confirmed, and without even thinking whether I'm fit to run the marathon, I've signed up for this race 3.5 weeks before the exact date. After the credit card transaction is over, I noticed the time limit, 5hrs 30mins. Shoot me!

After SCSM 2008, my right ankle was injured, and I basically rest for 3 months without doing any runs. Then, since last March, I was travelling a lot that I didn't even have time to train for any race. I tried to join the Fatbird runs during the weekend, but I've only managed to join them for 2 weekends before I had to fly to Germany. So, my mileage clocked since SCSM 2008, less than 50miles!

So, I spent about 2 weeks in Germany for company training, and when it comes to the day before the race, I took a 3hours train to Zurich, Switzerland. Zbjernak is working in Switzerland now, so we met at the Zurich train station. Then we proceed to the Saalsporthalle to collect my running bib. The marathon expo is very small and not crowded at all. I went to collect my running bib, and then we proceed to check into the marathon hotel.

On the event day, I woke up around 6am and took a light cold breakfast provided by the hotel and then I went back to my room to dress. Haha. Yeah..this will be my first time running in the cold and I was so nervous. I bought a Skin long tights and an Adidas tight top. Yeah, I think I'll be overdressed but I didn't care. So, I went down to the lobby to board the shuttle bus to the venue and guess what, I met a Singaporean guy who stayed in the same hotel running the same marathon in that morning. Nice to meet you Victor!

We chatted along the way until we reached the marathon site. I lost him after depositing my baggage but bumped into him again at the starting cage. He's targeting for 3:30 timing, and I shyly inform him that I would be happy to hit sub 4, which is quite hard coz I was undertrained. Well, it was freezingly cold and we were flagged off at 0830 hours, towards the tunnel. The previous KPE Tunnel Run nightmare actually made me quite uncomfortable running in the tunnel again this time, especially in a 42km distance run. There were about 5800 runners and guess what, I'm among the last pack of the runners, even though I was doing a sub 1 hr pace for 10km. We had to make a u-turn after 4.5km and again back to the tunnel. Since there's only water station every 4km, I didn't skip the first one. I started to perspire a lot in the tunnel and after 9km, I was relieved we are headin out from the stupid tunnel. There's so many crowds and supporters all along the journey cheering for us which was pleasant. Thanks!

The weather was still cold and it kinda feels good after sweating that much in the tunnel. I ran towards the city and slowly to the lakeside. My first 10km guntime was 57mins 19secs. Not too bad after a almost 3 mins delay at the starting point. I continued running and the weather is getting hotter. The sun shined right at me and I can really feel the heat. Damn, I shouldn't have wore long tights to run. It's like running along the Singapore's East Coast Park, minus the humidity of course. I continued to run until 21km and looked at my watch, 1hr 57mins. Not bad at all, I was actually doing a sub 4 hours pace and I still feel good. The bad thing about this race is the isotonic drinks are served after 18km. And after 26km, I started to feel the heaviness on both my legs. Damn, the cramps are coming.

I dragged my feet towards the 27km u-turning point. Somehow I managed to avoid the cramps with slowing down my pace. I felt much better after the u-turn and continued my run until after 32km. I looked at my watched again and it was 5 minutes pass 3hrs. The chances of clocking sub 4 are still there. So I continued towards the 33rd kilometre. However, just 2 metres before 33km sign, the cramp just struck my right foot and I just lie there for more than 5 minutes motionless. There goes my sub 4 dream. I dunno why my cramps come everytime after 32km.

After 11mins spent to complete the 33km, I felt better and started walking slowly. I tried to run a bit but everytime after 1-2 minutes of running, the cramp comes back. I had to stop again to avoid the cramp from striking. This goes on and the cramps on my left leg follow suit after a couple of kms. I tried to make sure that I don't finish way beyond 4hrs 30mins. Tried to keep my slow walk and jog pace steady and after 1km, I saw everyone around me started running eagerly towards the finishing line. Damn, I wanted to run too, but my cramps were getting a lot worse. But all the supporters are cheering me not to stop, and I know it kinda look stupid to walk when there's 1km left. but well, when you had a series of cramps attacking you, 1km can be very long. But I still drag my feet to run. And finally, I completed the race in 4hrs 21mins 31secs official chip time. Right after I crossed the finishing line, I just stand motionless trying to adjust my cramps. One of the road marshalls actually thought I'm gonna collapse he eventually signal the medics to come to me. Haha..But I stopped him, telling him I'm ok.

Zbjernak met me at the visitors area and we proceed to the baggage collection. This marathon is actually the most painful marathon I've ever participated even though the weather is less humid compare to all my SCSM marathons. I would love to run a marathon during fall next year. Perhaps I will do better. After I got back to my hotel, I noticed 4 smses from the organiser. Everytime after I crossed the timing mat, a sms will be sent to my hp telling me my time. That was so cool! However, I wouldn't prefer to run the route again, it was like running along the KPE tunnel and then east coast park.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of Year 2008

One more day to Year 2009. Well, Year 2008 is not really that bad for me to endure. I changed my job (yes, again!) but it was a great change or should I say a great return to my current company. I bought a car in Singapore and also a few scary moments (I shall not elaborate those scary moments).

I've set some resolutions earlier this year and well, I did not achieve all of them:

1) Spend more time in swimming. Hopefully can improve my strokes and did many 30 laps swims
- Mission failed! I have only visited swimming pools not more than 3 times this year and my total laps swimmed are less than 10. Sigh....
2) Will still remain my 10 medal target this year. But will try to obtain 15 medals, if possible!
- Managed to obtain 10 race medals and 1 volunteer medal this year.
3) Get rid of my excessive body fats (my love handles) and hopefully a nice lean and toned body with nice abs..(yeah I know, I'm vain and greedy!LOL)
- Mission failed! No abs though, but managed to increase some body mass.
4) Will be doing my first ever 84km ultramarathon (registration confirmed). Hopefully can complete in 1 piece. (suicide...suicide...)
- Completed my first ever 84km ultramarathon run in 12 hours. :)
5) Run a race oversea
- Well, I did run a bit, but I climbed most of it in Bangkok's Banyan Tree Vertical Marathon.
6) Run a sub 4 hour marathon.
- Mission failed! Can only managed to do 4hrs 17mins..Blame it on my laziness.
7) Hope to reduce my weight to an ideal 60kg.
- Mission failed! In fact, I weigh 68kg now.
8) As usual, stay healthy and injury free!
- Did not have any serious injury so far this year.

Right, and now let's see what I have done/endured all year long:
1) Completed four 10k runs, two 15k run, three half marathons, one marathon, one ultramarathon and two vertical marathons.
2) Obtained 11 medals; 10 in competitive races and 1 in friendship relay race as a volunteer.
3) I finally return to my favourite employer.
4) Bought my dream car.
5) Bought a new DSLR camera but it is under utilized.

And my year 2009 resolutions are:

1) Hope to do more swimming stuff instead.
2) Will try to obtain 10 more medals again in year 2009.
3) Build bigger arms and chest as well as stronger legs.
4) Run a marathon oversea.
5) Try to reduce my weight to 65kg.
6) Run a sub 4 hours marathon
7) Stay healthy and injury free!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008

My one and only full marathon race every year. Although I have not been training well for this event, I still dream of completing it in a record time of sub 4 hours. However, I finally set my humble target of sub 4:30 finishing time. Woke up at 3am and made my way to nerradhog's place around 3:50am. I planned to drive there early just to avoid traffic jam as there will be at least 15000 runners just for full marathon alone. Reached and parked at Marina Square carpark at 4:15am. Surprisingly, the area was so quiet and not many cars were seen on the road.

We walked to the Esplanade and waited there until 5.00am before we make our way to the starting cage. The crowd was massive but we still managed to stand pretty close to the starting point, squeezing ourselves in the sub 4 hours cage. Both nerradhog and I have the same fear; leg cramps at the later part of the runs and very much afraid that it will greatly slow us down. He brought a counter pain rub along with him and I wore half tights for the first time in my life. Tights is proven to reduce the chances of muscle cramps. However, I do agree with nerradhog that not clocking enough mileage during training may contribute to leg cramps.

We were flagged off at 5:30am sharp. I took only 30 secs to reach the starting mat and started off running in a decent pace. The front crowd wasn't that huge so I had pretty comfortable space to run. nerradhog and I kinda paced each other during the first 3km. We ran in a sub 4 hours pace. Later, I started to feel good and kinda increased my momentum. nerradhog chose not to follow my pace and soon I ran towards the Nicoll highway in a 4:30 min/km pace. My strategy was to run for at least 30km in a sub 4 hours pace coz I know my threshold will be anytime after 30km, regardless how slow or fast I run. Therefore I knew I need to run fast in the first 30km.

They changed the route this year, no more running along the Marina Bay/Park, instead we were heading straight to Nicoll Highway, Fort Road and towards the East Coast Park. They make us run longer at ECP this time. Instead of running just 10km at ECP like previous years, we had to endure 20km there this time, which is kinda boring maybe because I have been running there so often. I was still running comfortably and completed my first 10km in 56mins. I then ran straight towards ECP and reached the u-turn point of 21km in less than 2 hours. When I reached 22km, I suddenly felt so sleepy, maybe due to my lack of sleep for the past 2 nights. Dragged my sleepiness until 24km and took my second energy gel hoping that the caffeine in it helps.

Managed to complete my 30km in 2hours and 50mins. Saw the sgrunners support station. Fida, Sotong and the others were so kind and helpful, offering me food and drinks, but I chose not to stop yet at that time, afraid my cramp will kicked in. So I declined their generous offer and made my way out from the east coast park. Babumouse overtook me later and said he was very much in form and from his pace, he definitely can complete in an impressive sub 4 hours. Soon after that, I was in horror when I saw the marathon route slowly merging with the half marathon route. I was so pissed as this will eventually giving us (the marathoners) hard time running with slower half marathon crowds. Can see most of them are walking. I had to put extra effort to overtake them. My legs were getting heavy and I did a foolish decision to stop at the water station and 32.5km coz I was getting very tired trying to overtake those half marathoners. I drank 2 cups of water and walked for about 200m before continuing my run again.

True enough, after running pass the 33km sign, my left hamstring started pulling. Damn. I had no choice but to quickly stop and hoping it will go away. It kinda developed some minor cramps and I started to adopt the walk/jog strategy. But I couldn't run for long after that as the hamstring muscle keeps pulling. Soon after that, my right hamstring had the same problem, but wasn't as bad as the left one. I got some heat rub from the volunteers and rub some on my left hamstring. Actually it doesn't help much. Soon, we splited our ways from the half marathoners while I was turning to the Kallang Stadium. I was supposed to press the split time on my watch at 34km mark but I foolishly pressed the stop button and only realised it about approx 2 mins later. clocked time is not accurate anymore.

I continued my walk jog strategy and they actually make us run towards Geylang area this year and when we were appraoching the Republic Avenue, again I was pissed when they merge us with the 10km runners. It was actually almost 4km left and that means I had to run with such a big crowd but limited space for me to overtake. Thumbs down to the organiser this time! They have a total of 50km runners but instead of making us enjoying our run, they just make our life harder. I'm sure all the experienced runners hate the route plan. I had no more strength to do the overtakings. I slowly walked and jogged until the last 700 meters which then I ran desperately to the finishing line. I finally crossed the line in a 4hours 17mins 22secs guntime. Chip time wise, I think I am about 4 minutes better than my last year's timing.

Still unable to break within 4 hours barrier, but for a guy who did not train hard, I'm satisfied. Marathon is pretty much doable for me now, it's just that I need to train hard to join the sub 4 hours family. Hopefully, I can do much better if I'm running an oversea race next year.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2008

I'm excited to run this vertical marathon for the second time but I am also on my lowest form due to lack of training so I do not expect much from myself. In addition, I just did a 28km run at ECP with the fatbirds the day before (my longest run for my marathon training) and my legs are pretty sore.

Woke up at 5.45am and got ready to pick nerradhog and renoh up from their home at 6.40am. I parked my car at the Singapore National Library and met stardust there. After unloading all our bags in the car, we proceed to the event hotel and collected our bibs and chips. It was around 7.30am and our category will only starts at 10am. We met ripley and alphagirl there and had some phototakings before make ways into the hotel to sit and wait.

We were bored and waited until 10am to get our butt up the stairs. The event is packed with more than 1500 participants, compared to mere 600 plus last year. As usual, they flag us off in a group by 6 separated by 30 seconds each. I somehow separated from renoh and the gangs and was pretty much alone in my wave. So, the race has started for my group and I ran towards the stair cases. The first 10 floors were easy. Later, fatigues starts to kick in and I started taking my own sweet time walking upwards after 17 floors. Overtaking became quite a challenge this year and the stair cases were packed with the slower ones from the earlier waves. I try to walk as fast as I could and surprisingly, I completed the first half in 7mins, a minute faster than last year's. The first half will take the longest time to complete as the stairs are spiral-like and are pretty long, unlike those normal type. I took about 4 mins for the second half last year, but somehow this year I was way much slower. nerradhog and stardust began catching up fast although they were 2 waves behind. They so fast and energetic (damn! they are so young and energetic! I must admit I'm getting older)

Getting very tired, my pace were getting slower and slower but finally I pushed myself up to the final floor and quickly rushed to the finishing point. Couldn't rushed much though as the guy in front of me were a bit slow. Afraid he might blocked my photographer's view, I let him finished first and I followed suit. My time was 13mins 21secs, almost one and a half minute slower than my last year's, which is actually quite pathetic. I was so drained I finished the water bottle in seconds. But the experience this year is a lot better coz I was all alone last year and this year I have a bunch of friends with me. Thanks for the company, guys. babumouse came to support us and I was unable to join them for post race brunch as I had to rush home to get ready for work.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Run for Hope 2008

This run is a full charity run so not many runners were interested. I went to this run with renoh. We reached ECP slightly earlier and we did an unsual 4km warm up runs while waiting for the race to start. After we did our warm up, we bumped into nerradhog and stardust.

The race started not long after that and I started off pretty strong. Later I managed to catch up nerradhog (a very fast young runner) but somehow he managed to widen the gap by increasing his running pace. I had to maintain my own pace as I do not want to hit the wall that soon. Nothing special about the ECP common running route. I tried to maintain my pace but I was getting slightly a bit tired after the 5km u-turn. I tried to endure and finally, I completed the run in 52mins 10secs, my worst 10km timing of the year.

I have been putting on weight and been slacking,not to mention the 4km warm up before race, so no surprise of the poor timing though. The race was well organised and I actually treated it as a normal weekend run.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Banyan Tree Vertical Marathon 2008

This race is held in Bangkok, my first oversea race other than Malaysia and Singapore. I was on business trip in Bangkok so I went to Bangkok a day earlier to run this event. The pre race wasn't that well organised. Most of them haven't paid their race fees and I was directed here and there and surprisingly, I was among those few who paid online and it was quite a mess.

They gave out the t-shirt before the race and I wondered if I shall bring it to run along. I ended up leaving the t-shirt behind. The only thing I like about this race was we were all given the chips with the ankle strap each which is pretty cool as we don't have to tie it to our shoe lace. The race starts by flagging off the participants in groups of 10 every 2 minutes. I was impressed as most of the 500 plus participants were foreigners. After long wait, I was finally flagged off. I rushed to the stair cases and quickly make my way up to the 61st floor.

I was very shocked when I started to feel very tired after just 10th floor. This cannot be possible. It was obvious I wasn't in form on that day. I started dragging my feet up step by step and after 10mins 54secs, I finally stepped on the finishing mat. I was so disappointed with my timing considering 61 storey climbs should be much easier the Swissotel's 73 storeys. Well, to make things worse, no one collected the chip from me and I finally made my way down and gave it to one of the organisers who did not even know where is the chip return counter. I finally found out they were supposed to collect from me right after i complete my race at the top, but I handed it to one of the ground staff and headed back to the hotel to join my colleague and his gang.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Swing KPE Tunnel Run 2008

Singapore has built the longest tunnel in Southeast Asia (about 10km long) and the Land Transport Authority planned a Guiness World Record breaking event; a community run/walk along the tunnel with lanterns. The event is free and everyone is entitled a certificate and many goodies. Thank god to those who join the competitive event do not need to carry the lantern along.

Went to that event site with renoh in babumouse's car. babumouse and I pace each other for the first half of the run. We were running very fast inside the tunnel for the first 5km and completed that distance in less than 24mins. I was getting a bit tired after the u-turn point as the tunnel was super humid. I never sweat that much in my life and I was desperately gasping for air all the time. I tried to hold on but after 8km, I couldn't take it anymore. I stopped and apply the walk/jog pace. I completed the race in 51 mins 23 secs..not too bad considering my first time working in a 10km race..Shame on me. :p

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Remaining Races in Year 2008

Well, this year has been a slacking one for me. I did not do many races and been skipping a lot of major ones too. Well, what to do, I've to work to feed myself. Here are the remaining races and I hope I can do all of them, or else my 10 medal target will not be achievable.

14/09/2008 Singapore's Swing KPE Tunnel Run - 10km
28/09/2008 Bangkok's Banyan Tree Vertical Marathon (Medal)
05/10/2008 Singapore's Run For Hope - 10km
16/11/2008 Singapore's Swissotel Vertical Marathon (Medal)
07/12/2008 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon - 42km (Medal)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nike+ Human Race 2008

This will be my first race which will be held in the afternoon, and also this is also my first race which I wore the event tee to run. Well, it's a charity event and Nike has made a huge effort to print 1 million different numbers on 1 million tees so I guess we shall support them.

Well, not everyone thinks the way I am. I could still notice at least 3 buggers who were not willing to wear the event tee and turn everyone off with their horrendous running vests. I know the tee is not comfortable to wear, but it's a worldwide charity event, why not try fulfill the organiser's request. Even the race winners wore the tees. Well, what I could say is they are hopeless!

We were flagged off around 1620hours. I had to sprint a little as I was not placed in the red cage which was supposed for sub 50min runners. But I think I sprinted too much. I took less than 9mins to complete 2km but I was already start to feel exhausted. Probably running in the late afternoon don't work for me. And also I blamed myself for the KFC I took during lunch. I felt horrible and had stomach muscle cramps. Well, I tried to hold on and start using the double breathing method. My pace were slower and got overtaken by many faster runners. I don't normally stop for water station in all my 10k races, but somehow I had to stop at all water stations coz the humid weather kinda burn me out.

I was very tempted to walk after 5km point but I forced myself to continue coz it will be too embarassing if I were to stop and walk. I struggled but still managed to drag my feet to Boat Quay, then to Clarke Quay and finally made a u-turn and slowly approaching the Padang. As I was too tired so I did not sprinted towards the finishing line. I clocked 49mins 28secs, not that bad actually. However, I later found out that I do not have official chip time. Well, thanks to my stupidness, in order to help Renoh return his chip since he couldn't make it, I foolishly attach both chips on the same ankle strap. I guess that caused conflicts. I should have attach 2 chips at different legs. Well, it doesn't matter that much though. The race was pretty well organised despite the fact that they screwed up at the racepack collection day. I would give them 2 thumbs up for them!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Singapore Bay Run 2008

My race report has getting longer to be completed nowadays... This is my second Army Half Marathon in Singapore. My experience last year was great and I doubt I will have enjoy this run this as I did not train for half marathon run at all and I weigh 69kg now.

I went to the race venue with Renoh this time around. We did a slow jog warm up before gather ourselves at the starting point. Well, this time I was behind the line due to massive crowd. They flagged us off at 0630 hours and I took almost 3 minutes to step on the start mat. As usual, I put extra little effort to overtake all the slow runners and due to the massive crowd this year, I was still dodging the slow crowds after running for more than 5km. I ran real fast for the first 10km. After deducting the time to step on the first mat, it took less than 52 mins to complete the first 10km. However, running without strategy this time kinda cost me a lot. And the shoes I was wearing just make my run even worse.

My Asics racer shoes start giving me problem after 5km. I started to feel major abrasions on my left feet as well as some minor ones on my right. After 10km, I can feel blisters all over my feet. I bet the worst one has already started to bleed (which end up staining my shoe with a big red patch). I started to slow down a lot especially when we were directed to the super demoralized route after the east coast park run. We had to run on an under construction path with many potholes. The path quality wasn't that bad, but it was just very demoralizing and I was about to give when we finally reached the much boasted Marina Barrage. Well, the scene over there is nice but many of us just couldn't care much as I can see everybody is tired from the former challenging route.

We were soon directed back to the city. When I still have 3km to go, I can no longer take it so I started to stop and walk. The blisters were killing me and I walk and jog all the way to the finishing line. The race time is embarassing. One of my worst half marathon so far. I clocked 1hr 57min 24secs for gun time and 1hr 54min 27secs for chip time. A few of them had commented my "bigger" size and I felt so upset with myself. Looks like I need to really work harder to maintain my fitness level and shed a few more pounds of fat off my body.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Adidas King of The Road 2008

I have not gone back to Klang for more than 2 months already. I took the opportunity to drive back to Klang over the weekend and run the Adidas KOTR 22.7km. However, I chickened out last minute and decided to run 10km instead using an unused bib.

The Adidas KOTR this time held at Shah Alam. The 10km route is similar with the Shah Alam 10km Race which I ran in year 2004. I clocked my personal best (46:41) in that run and I was still a beginner at that time. Although I was not well trained and exhausted from the long journey drive, I wanted to clock a better time in this race.

We were flagged off around 0710 hours. The crowd was quite massive, and I was pushed and blocked during the beginning. I had no choice, I stormed myself towards the left and ran along the uneven higher ground. I ran pretty fast in the beginning to cover up my lost time. I think my pace was very fast but I tried not to slow down as I have set my mind to break my own personal best.

I think I ran pretty well, however did not ran fast enough. The route was hilly, as expected and after the final roundabout, I sped towards the finishing line and completed the 10k race in 46mins 44secs, 3 seconds slower than my personal best. I was ranked 42nd. It wasn't a bad time but I was a bit disappointed I couldn't run better than my previous time I set 4 years ago.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Saucony Passion Run 2008

I flew back from Bangkok the day before this run. I did not do any recovery run after Sundown so I'll treat this run as my recovery run. Last year this run was a huge success and this year they have additonal 15k distance category and finisher medals for everyone.

I went to fetch Renoh that morning around 5.30am and I drove to East Coast Park. We reached around 6am. Renoh was manning the SGrunners booth and I slowly make my way to the starting line with Alvo and sywog. They flagged us off sharp at 6.30am. Although it was supposed to be my recovery run, I was sprinting forward to find comfort zone. They splitted us in 3 waves and I was in the first one. I still wanted to run my best, however I knew I won't be able to do my personal best as I can still feel the soreness of my legs.

I ran comfortably in 5:30min/km pace, however suddenly my bladder was super full and I need to empty it. The toilet still pretty far away and I hold until when we were approaching the u-turn point, which was about 5km. While everyone was making a left u-turn, I turn right into the toilet.. Haha.. I took less than a minute to pee then I rushed out to the u-turn point.

The distance markers are not accurate. There are times I did 3mins for a km and almost 7mins for another one. I kept on running. My legs were getting weaker , thanks to the sundown and I really feellike giving up after the 10th km. Was cursing myself for joining 15km instead of 10km. The first 10km seems like 11km. However, the last 5km seems a lot shorter than that. I managed to drag myself until the final 100m before I completed the race in 1hr 17mins 36 secs.

We hang out for awhile and since Renoh had to man the booth until the end of the event, I waited for him and we had lunch with ripley and her god daughter after that. I have made my decision to stop running races and concentrate on my new job instead. I will be working in these coming weekendssssss.... But since my company's paying for my extra job, I guess it's quite ok. I probably could save some overtime income to go for an oversea trip soon. :)

15km time splits
00km - 00' 12" 83
01km - 04' 29" 57 >>> 0h 04' 42" 40
02km - 04' 33" 29 >>> 0h 09' 15" 69
03km - 06' 28" 43 >>> 0h 15' 44" 12
04km - 03' 07" 27 >>> 0h 18' 51" 39
05km - 07' 49" 87 >>> 0h 26' 41" 26
06km - 06' 55" 03 >>> 0h 33' 36" 29
07km - 05' 36" 30 >>> 0h 39' 12" 59
08km - 04' 30" 53 >>> 0h 43' 43" 12
09km - 05' 24" 37 >>> 0h 49' 07" 49
10km - 06' 06" 62 >>> 0h 55' 14" 11
11km - 04' 17" 13 >>> 0h 59' 31" 24
12km - 04' 22" 72 >>> 1h 03' 53" 96
13km - 05' 20" 52 >>> 1h 09' 14" 48
14km - 03' 42" 09 >>> 1h 12' 56" 57
15km - 04' 39" 95 >>> 1h 17' 36" 52